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Billy Joe Royal Greatest Hits CD Autographed Country Music Memorabilia

BILLY JOE ROYAL Greatest Hits CD – Autographed

Tracks: 1. Burned Like A Rocket 2. I Miss You Already 3. Love Has No Right 4. Old Bridges Burn Slow 5. Boardwalk Angel 6. I’ll Pin A Note On Your Pillow 7. Till I Can’t Take It Anymore 8. Tell It Like It Is 9. Out Of Sight And On My Mind 10. It […]

Gene Watson Reflections LP - Autographed Country Music Memorabilia

GENE WATSON Reflections LP – Autographed

Great album from the amazing Gene Watson – includes his hit, “Farewell Party.”  The front of the album cover is signed in silver sharpie. Side 1: 1. One Sided Conversation 2. Take Off Them Shoes 3. Farewell Party 4. Let’s Give It Up Or Get It On 5. For The Memories Side 2: 1. I […]

Tompall & The Glaser Brothers After All These Years LP - Autographed Country Music Memorabilia

TOMPALL AND THE GLASER BROTHERS After All These Years LP – Autographed

Classic album from the trio, Tompall and the Glaser Brothers.  Front album cover is signed by Jim Glaser (to Ricky). Side 1: 1. I Still Love You (After All These Years) 2. Can’t Live With You (Can’t Live Without You) 3. Rosali 4. Naked Emotions 5. Happy Hour Blues Side 2: 1. Oh America 2. […]

T. Graham Brown Autographed CD / Country Music Memorabilia

T. GRAHAM BROWN Lives! CD – Autographed

Tracks: 1. Happy Ever After 2. I Tell It Like It Used To Be 3. I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again 4. Memphis Women And Chicken 5. Wine Into Water 6. Darlene 7. Come As You Were 8. Hide And Seek 9. Good Days Bad Days 10. Keep Me From Blowing Away […]

Country Music Memorabilia!

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Country Music has a rich musical heritage filled with star-studded singers and loyal fans. Star Stash connects those revered country music artists with their devoted admirers through treasured memorabilia - everything from stage clothing to a variety of autographed collectibles.

The list of country music entertainers that have touched our lives over the years is long, but we hope you’ll find some of your favorites included in our inventory. A few items of particular interest are Donna Fargo’s Cache Jacket (with certificate of authenticity), an autographed copy of Wynonna’s Coming Home To Myself book, a special promotional copy of Alan Jackson’s Drive CD, or the special booklet/CD from Little Big Town used for award consideration. Being located in the home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee, we have the opportunity to come across some unique collectible items and we’re looking forward to sharing those with you.

Browse through our store…and if you don’t see what you’re looking for today…bookmark our website and check back tomorrow…because our inventory of country music collectibles is always changing!