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Celebrity Clothing

Donna Fargo
DONNA FARGO’s Cache Denim Fringe Jacket w/COA

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DONNA FARGO’s Jackets Galore Jacket w/COA

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Autographed CDs

MARTY RAYBON and FULL CIRCLE The Gospel In Black And White CD Autographed Signed

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RONNIE MCDOWELL CD A Tribute To My Friend CONWAY Signed Autographed

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BUCKY COVINGTON Bucky Covington CD Autographed Signed

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T.G. SHEPPARD Grestest Songs CD – Autographed

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Autographed Books

ELLIS PAUL Notes From The Road Book Autographed Signed

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WALTER CRONKITE A Reporter’s Life Book Autographed Signed

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BRUCE BIRCH Songs That Changed Our Lives Book – Autographed

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BILL FRIST A Heart To Serve Book Autographed Signed

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Country Music Memorabilia!

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Country Music has a rich musical heritage filled with star-studded singers and loyal fans. Star Stash connects those revered country music artists with their devoted admirers through treasured memorabilia - everything from stage clothing to a variety of autographed collectibles.

The list of country music entertainers that have touched our lives over the years is long, but we hope you’ll find some of your favorites included in our inventory. A few items of particular interest are Donna Fargo’s Cache Jacket (with certificate of authenticity), an autographed copy of Wynonna’s Coming Home To Myself book, a special promotional copy of Alan Jackson’s Drive CD, or the special booklet/CD from Little Big Town used for award consideration. Being located in the home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee, we have the opportunity to come across some unique collectible items and we’re looking forward to sharing those with you.